Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10 Facts About Women That Every Man Should Know

One thing that perplexes men is women. Many men will say that women are unpredictable and difficult to live with, but they can’t live without them. Women may not be as difficult or as hard to get along with as some men may believe. There are ten things about a woman that every man should know.

10. Be Who You Are

A woman will love you for who and what you are. Sure, both of you will have to find common ground in a few situations and compromise, but that’s in any relationship, not just yours. A woman will love who you are, not what
you have.

9. Pleasing the Crowd

Contrary to the popular belief of many people, a girl’s best friend is not a diamond, it’s actually a friend she has known a long time. The fact you need to keep in mind here is that sometimes a woman’s friend’s opinion of you makes all of the difference in the world. It’s similar to taking you home to meet her parents. If the best friend isn’t fond of you, it may be okay, but later on down the line, it will come up again, so play nice.

8. Never Withhold Information

Regardless of how terrible you think your past is, don’t keep anything from her. It will be in your best interest to get everything out in the open and be honest. This is one sure way that your past won’t come back and bite you and (probably) end your relationship.

7. Playing Nice with Mom

There are not too many women who walk into a relationship with intentions of disliking your mother. Every woman wants to have a respectful, nice relationship with your mother. If not, the chances of your relationship making it are slim to none.

6. Learn Her

Take the time to learn her and the things she likes. A woman who is interested in you will do the same. Although everything does not have to be about her, it would be nice to interact with her in a few activities or events she likes to do.

5. Planning Children

Another popular belief is that every woman wants children. This is not true. Not every woman wants to be a mother. You need to discuss this matter with her and respect her viewpoints on this situation. Having children is a huge responsibility, and you both may not be ready for such a life-changing event.

4. Feeling Included

A woman wants to feel and be included in some of the things you do with your friends. Everything you do does not have to involve your lady, but there should be a few times when you involve her in a few activities and outings with your friends.

3. Being Attractive

There is nothing wrong with being attractive. A woman wants to feel loved and pretty. When she feels beautiful, everything is beautiful. You will learn to distinguish between her pretty days and her “mask” days.

2. Don’t Pass Judgment

Judging a woman on how she eats or what she eats is not the way to keep a healthy and strong relationship. You certainly wouldn’t want someone to judge you on the things you do and crush your ego.

1. Honesty

Honesty is the number one thing that a woman appreciates in a man. The truth may be terrible, but a lie is ten times worse. Keep an honest, straight face, and you have nothing to worry about.